Fragment of a Device

Pic of the day - Circuit Board Assembly

My first time here, they trust me
with a printed circuit board.

Under bright lights, I wear the
headmounted magnifier,

use tweezers to pick and place
(precisely) the resistors

on the silver solder, the gold
wires (a 2-D lotus bloom).

The L.E.D.s are yellow,
smaller than a hangnail on

my huge magnified fingers.
The capacitors even

tinier, less than a grain
of sand. The delicacy

required! Breath as if it hurts
(as little as possible).

Black side up, and cream side down.
Silver and gold. Silver. Gold.


2 responses to “Fragment of a Device

  1. I like this because it draws me into the task – i feel the anxiousness and the concentration

  2. Oh, sigh, I did it again. I found it exciting and calming rather than anxious, but when you says that, I go back and read it and see what you say you saw there. LOL!

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