Fragments of Light

We are sea creatures. We are fruit
suspended. We are cones and curves

connected with flushing fibers.
We are glowing globes, gleefully

round, peppered with delight, dancing
over sticks and beneath balloons.

We trail laughter, lumens, tapers
and tentacles, fronds and fingers.

We swim in incandescence split
with mirth, divided into songs

both deep and long, both bright and light.
We scintillate, shimmer, and sigh.


4 responses to “Fragments of Light

  1. Great feel, emotion and imagery. Cheers for the read.

  2. I am liking light as sea creatures – one of the most amazing sights in have seen is jellyfish descending illuminated by the sun from above. This poem brought that same imagery to me.

    • Oh, that’s beautiful! I’ve always dreamed of diving in coral reefs … Perhaps next year you could come to see the Fool Moon celebration here in Ann Arbor, which is what inspired this piece.

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