Fragment of Voice

After the long lean bodies
rapidly shifting their height,
angle, direction, focus,
momentum. After the darting
and the leaping, the hooks and holds,
the blocks and bounces, the fervour,
the fair and frenzied fouls, the fans.
Oh, the fans, feet leaping in fugue,
fists held heroic & hopeful
high in the air. After counting
down days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
After the lights and roars and chants,
gasps and squawks and screeches and screams.
After comments, curses. After
the Alleluia, Allelu!
What is there? The whisper, aching.
What is there? Buzzing joy made mute.


2 responses to “Fragment of Voice

  1. I can’t get the NCAA games out of my mind. The ebb and flow of the crowd noises as if the crowd is a living being. Nice imagery.

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