Fragment of Fire

i. then

screams erupt from the kitchen.
dashing around the corner
just a glimpse of red-orange flames
so tall I need to look up

ii. before

rumblings of fury and fists.
bottled up ache of tears.
his hair spiked, stands up on end
like little dark flames, choking.

iii. after

calmly, slowly: just in case,
if you need it, over here
is the fire extinguisher.
when you’re that angry, don’t cook?

iv. remnants

windows open, the cold breeze
sucks smoke from the room. the pan
slick with oil made gray with ash.
I don’t ask, just pour it out.


2 responses to “Fragment of Fire

  1. Been there while my kids began to do things for themselves. They learned and grew and will do well with their kids in turn.

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