Fragments of the World

* New Zealand

Memorial gardens
studded with
wild ginger,
canoe plant,
the old times

* Boston

The opera house hosts
the Book of Mormon,
a dose of low culture
among the high

* Half Moon Bay

Even in Southern California
there’s a chill, once you’ve climbed
above the cloud line, standing
upon a mountainside, looking down
into a valley of mist, deep,
and glowing in moonlight.

* Tamil Nadu, India

Visit Mango City
for the hospital,
the x-rays of people
and flowers, both
arched and elegant.

* Arlington, Illinois

The small light voices
of children, blossom
in the school’s
Spring Concert.

* New York City

In the hallways
of the offices
of Facebook, believe
it or not, a red
helmet tops a
speeding skateboard,
right past the colors
of the “Write Something”
wall, on which someone
has written the word,

* McKinney, Texas

A field of green,
clusters of people,
police officers,
bicycles, wheelchairs,
teams, gathered beneath
glaring sun burning
through thin grey clouds.

* Alaska Highway

Saucy Southerner
means something different
here. What do you want?
Prime ribs, or the halibut?

* Gouvia, Corfu

Miles of beach and sun
under the olive trees.
A hotel. A holiday.
A new pool. Stone
steps, so very old.

* Ile-deFrance, Paris

Hotel? It’s all about
the views. From on high
la Tour d’Eiffel,
l’Arc de Triomphe.
From below, the crowds,
the cherry blossoms.

* Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania

Every town has a festival,
from garlic to berries,
with parades and pretty girls,
glorious food, loud music.
But here? It’s all Cigarfest.

* Cantabria, Spain

Trust me, the fish.
That’s what you want
to eat, the fish.
It’s so fresh here!
And so easy to find!

* Queensland, Australia

Back turned to the party,
peering out the penthouse window,
the moon creeping over skyscrapers,
starred with window lights.


2 responses to “Fragments of the World

  1. This piece over whelms me. So many interesting artifacts, I want to know the back story for each of them.

    • There was one I meant to include, but forgot or missed. This was triggered by the highlights of my Foursquare stream one morning. Part of the power of social media is similar to travelogs, but made so personal. The stories of people you know through work or other spaces, the tiny windows into lives around the world. For someone like me who doesn’t have a car, doesn’t drive, and almost never travels, I tend to focus on the tiny, the immediate, the local. Social media tools extend that focus on the micro to the macro, offering important insights and balance.

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