April Fools

The tense terse dude who puffs e-cigs on the bus
is back to his smokes, both ends pinched as tight
as his lips. The bus reeks for blocks after

he shuffles to the back, sits hunched over
against the back wall. He taps his fingers

on his thighs, clenches his hands, grabs the stub
out of his mouth, then shoves it back, and starts
tapping again, restlessly. At lunch break,

I find a pack of Pall-Malls on the bench.
A hospital staffer is hiding

behind a tree, away from No-Smoking signs,
between the treetrunks and the student dorms.
She tosses a quick glance at me, then tosses

her shoulders back, as if about to face
a firing squad, strides brazenly thru the door.


4 responses to “April Fools

  1. I was hoping you were planning a month of poems. The smoking battles are heating up on our campus – i feel the pain on both sides.

  2. taidgh@gmail.com

    I like this a lot. It also makes me think of all the things that happen around me that I ignore or don’t notice. Sometimes these observations or experiences can be the starting point or inspiration for a poem. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to following you once again for the month of April. Best of luck.

    • Thanks! My NaPoWriMo poems are often drafted on my morning bus ride to work, so tend to pull in details from that time of day. The challenge of writing one each day tends to force one into being more focused and nittygritty, I think. And thanks for coming back! I really appreciate it.

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