Memories of Prayer

Mahayana Buddha: Open Hand of Peace

joints of my fingers (Ave Maria)
become my prayer beads (O Sanctissima)
my body’s rosary (Libera me)
each one an echo (Ora pro nobis)
of prayers I’ve loved (Mater amata)

the lines of my wrists (Ubi caritas)
mark layers of sorrow (Deus ibi)
mark layers of joy (Deus ibi est)
mark layers of listening (Oremus)
each touch a remembrance (O dulcis)


8 responses to “Memories of Prayer

  1. Very well done – wish I had the music to go with each line

  2. I like your words coupled with the holy words Gail Ray

  3. Meredith Gould

    So exquisite.

  4. I too liked the combining of holy words–very quiet and lovely.

    • It was one of those nights when I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to come up with a poem. I always pray when that happens, and the poems that come out of a prayer first are often ones in which other people seem to find value.

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