Memories of Forgetting

Stupid irritating security
questions! I can’t remember the answers!

That’s the problem with having amnesia —
I forget. But not always the same things.

One day I can’t remember the boy’s name
who took me to prom. Next time I forget

my favorite teacher, or my first dog,
but I now know the boy. No guarantees

that I’ll recall what I need when needed.
I don’t even know what breed the dog was.

For a few minutes I think my first dog
was a gray Schnauzer. Then, an hour later,

it’s back — my first dog was a black Lab pup,
mixed with just a pinch of fox terrier,

barely taller than my ankle, wriggling,
struggling, tugging, licking, tickling. Silly

pooch. We got her at my Great-Aunt’s farm,
clouds of dust billowing around the car

as we drove home. My son says, “Write a poem
about our dog now!” Hope I remember.


5 responses to “Memories of Forgetting

  1. Throughout the day, I find that I often can’t think of a certain word–all day yesterday I was looking at origami, and couldn’t come up with anything but “macrame”–drove me crazy till I finally got it.

    • LOL! Origami is a huge part of my life. But I’ve had a lot of problems with cognitive problems from gluten exposure. The worst was when I couldn’t remember my son’s name.

      • Oh my goodness–that would be so frightening not to recall your son’s name. I probably won’t forget origami now–and will likely look at macrame and call it origami instead….The nice things about getting older and decrepit is that I don’t have the energy to care so much!

  2. Sadly this is becoming my life too long – it is frustrating

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