Daily Archives: April 2, 2015

Blessed Be (Unmentionables, 2)

Blessed be the broken.
Blessed be the babe, born with no true name,
silent always, stilled before ever a breath was taken.
Blessed be the bewildered, lost in questions.
Blessed be the last breath my mother took, and my father’s also.
Blessed be the black bird shimmering in moonlight, grooming his feathers, glossy and stark.
Blessed be the blossoms carrying muted secrets, falling like Mona Lisa’s smile.
Blessed be the blue arms of the sky, the crossing of the clouds that lift up and hold the part of me that floats beyond.
Blessed be the bobbing of a boat on the waters, rocking us to sleep, comforting and calm.
Blessed be the beatings the mother takes to herself to protect the child.
Blessed be that battered child, who has forgotten the beatings.
Blessed be the bubbles, rising to the surface of the waters, testimony to the movements of what lies below.
Blessed be beauty of the homely called ugly and unloved.
Blessed be the beasts who love them anyway.
Blessed be the back, lovingly bruised, and aching for a better world in which to be. Blessed be.