Daily Archives: April 8, 2015

Under (Unmentionables, 8)

i. underground

The cave a mirror of itself,

we descended from darkness
through narrowness into light.

One of us bright, the other
shadowed; one led, one followed.

Every small sound, each murmur,
both muted and enormous,

distorted and echoing.

ii. underwater

Near, bluegreen light. Farther? Dark.

My fingertips fade away
if I stretch my arm full length.

No walls anywhere. If there are,
they bend away as I lean in.

Ground shifts beneath me; colors
shift, scintillating, blooming.

I float down, facing the silt.

iii. underneath

Exhaustion presses me down.

Water? Walls? Some kind of weight
holds me motionless and still.

There are moments like a dream,
dreams that drag down the moments

and drag them back up again
into a kind of waking,

before even eyes open.