Under (Unmentionables, 8)

i. underground

The cave a mirror of itself,

we descended from darkness
through narrowness into light.

One of us bright, the other
shadowed; one led, one followed.

Every small sound, each murmur,
both muted and enormous,

distorted and echoing.

ii. underwater

Near, bluegreen light. Farther? Dark.

My fingertips fade away
if I stretch my arm full length.

No walls anywhere. If there are,
they bend away as I lean in.

Ground shifts beneath me; colors
shift, scintillating, blooming.

I float down, facing the silt.

iii. underneath

Exhaustion presses me down.

Water? Walls? Some kind of weight
holds me motionless and still.

There are moments like a dream,
dreams that drag down the moments

and drag them back up again
into a kind of waking,

before even eyes open.


3 responses to “Under (Unmentionables, 8)

  1. This reminds me of game level design work (the first part) and SCUBA diving (second part) and of the end of semester exhaustion which is very easy for me to relate to (falling asleep as my computer) – very relatable images for me at least when I read them tonight

    • I’ve gotten good reactions to this one. People are relating to it in ways that help confirm I’m on the right track with this approach. I appreciate the feedback!

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