Daily Archives: April 15, 2015

Flashbacks (Unmentionables, 14)

i. Dreams

The fog is so thick.
I’m walking past graves
small and sharp as spears,
kimono layered
moss green under rose,
rose under silver.
Keep talking to me —
I’ll read the captions,
scrolling romanji.

Me, or the story?
It doesn’t matter.
I’m dotted yellow
and pink, as I crawl
across the panels,
dangle down, and drop
into the next strip,
where death drips red ink.

At high speed, focus
on where you’re going,
not where you’ve been, or
are. Flashing wood floor,
hidden holes, surprise
walls jumping, falling.
Still, I can’t not see
bodies of the failed:
lavender, blue, ice.

ii. Living

The new office is
aggressively beige
and black, with large blocks
of lemon yellow.
The lost shawl was red
with roses, green thorns
dug into blue curls.
We argue about
eyes, not blue or brown.

iii. Flashbacks

I understand now,
why film noir is noir,
why movie flashbacks
are shown black and white.
The waking nightmare
goes flat, dull, grayscale.
Man in the window;
dark corner; phone calls
to strangers; the damned
ace in the hole. Such
a lonely place, this.
The mind never sleeps.