Daily Archives: April 17, 2015

Untitled (Unmentionables, 16)

Memories so long silent
now clamor at me. They want
attention; jump up and down
behind my eyes; try to climb
right out of my locked-down mouth
with their dirty feet, ashes
cascading down and crumbling.
They want to be said, and seen.

My tongue is a glassy hill,
slippery and silent. They
are like a crowd of suitors
rushing for a promised bride.
Sparks fly from their horses’ hooves.
They all want to be transformed,
to be made over into
something precious and worthy.

Links of chainmail, glinting light,
golden and gleeful. Leaping
effortlessly upwards, waves
travel outward, curious
and free, each a glassy arc
that climbs and crests and crashes,
and is reborn. Let them climb,
and dissolve into lumens.