Daily Archives: April 28, 2015

Ice Woman (Unmentionables, 26)

Piebald, perhaps, or bicolor,
she’s a yinyang squalor scholar,

transparent and two-faced — well set:
One side crystal, the other wet.

She can’t tell. They’re the same inside.
But one eye glitters and stares wide

while the other just trickles,
one solitary drop, fickle

and silent. Her ears, not much use,
one frozen shut with cold abuse

sports a stunning sharp stabbing point,
while the other melts and anoints

her neck with a shrinking tickle.
Don’t shine sun on the icicle,

you’ll mess up her hair if it melts.
The long sleeves, high neck, hide her welts.

Pumice & polish the glacial
cheek, and carve the floating facial

grimace into something serene.
No rouge, no color, just a sheen

highlights the curve. Almost enough.
Hoarfrost gathers into a muff

beneath her chin, clasped with grey pearls,
snowy threads in spiraling whorls.

Oh, now she’s got it — calm and still,
a whisper to abate the chill:

“As I now lay me down to sleep,
I pray my dreaming eyes to weep.”