Bowdlerized (Unmentionables, 31)

This biography isn’t authorized,
still it all began when I was baptized.
But that’s old news, long past familiarized.
This is no story to anthologize,
it’s one perhaps too often sanitized,
or if not, then it’s sensationalized,
scrutinized, fictionalized, satirized,
until some (God love ’em) are scandalized.
I dread this being anatomized.
I don’t need you to editorialize.
I’ve already been compartmentalized,
civilized, cathechized, and sermonized.
I’ve been anesthetized and tranquillized.
I’ve never yet been bob-bob-bobmotized,
(and I’m no Bob-zombie, there’s no surprise).
Count my bones. See? They’ve been alphabetized.
That’s all just as it should be, I surmize.
Don’t know if I should’ve apologized
in advance, but now it’s been serialized
& rationalized. A few realized
where it’s all been going. They recognized
something in themselves. No one criticized
me for it, not yet. Some might trivialize
the story, marginalize, minimize,
dismiss. I do ‘get it.’ Don’t patronize
me now. We’ve come this far, you’ve heard the “why’s”
and you know this can’t be homogenized.
You don’t want to hear this. I’m paralyzed
by words I sure wish were fictionalized.
I’ve already been terrorized, traumatized,
brutalized, dehumanized, stigmatized,
victimized, demoralized, and despised.
Alright. Let’s get this story finalized.
Here, this: I was forcibly sodomized.
What comes next? I bet I’ll be bowdlerized.
Just wait and see. This was no folderol,
hey nonny nonny and a ho, ho, ho,
doo wop, bebop, hip hop, bop bop, bang, bang,
bangarang, yaoi kapowie, zing zang
gazowie, ku ku ka choo little song.
This was the real word, you know, poetized.

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