Unmentionables (The Series)

Hi, all! It’s done. This series was titled Unmentionables as an homage to the work Susannah Fox is doing in healthcare with trying to get people talking around the institutionalized “secrets” that are impeding progress in caring for people’s health. This series is about a very old personal story that had come back to haunt me and was interfering in my own healthcare. Susannah highlighted a particular quote from PostSecret: The only difference between our secrets is whether we allow them to evolve into tales of heroism or fear.

PostSecret 2009.12.13 band

This was, in part, a personal effort to explore that liminal space between the two. I hope it wasn’t too triggering for people. I heard from some who found it healing, others who found it puzzling or confusing, others who felt empowered. For myself, I usually read poems out of sequence, dipping in here and there. You can certainly do that, but you might want to know that I wrote these with an intentional arc, to begin with a certain sensation and shift, and shift back or onward; with certain portions of the early poems that might take on new readings as one progresses through the series. I am hoping that the poems will stand both as individual pieces, and also as a series, a constructed work. To make it easier to go back and see that sequence unfold, here is a list of all of the poems

1: Preface
2: Blessed Be
3: Three Days
4: Praying in the Dark
5: Eggs
6: A Waltz
7: Cherries
8: Under
9: The Rhythm of Revelation
10: Masks
11: The Face of Mercy
12: Comfort
13: In the Night
14: Flashbacks
15: The Inoculation Theory
16: Untitled
17: Ragdoll
18: Breaking of the Bread
19: Faces
20: The Seduction Sonnet
21: Grace and Lace
22: Saying No
23: Fragments
24: Speaking in Code
25: Flashbacks, Take Two
26: Ice Woman
27: Short Stories
28: The Origins of Daisy Love
29: Click
30: Colonoscopy
31: Bowdlerized
32: The Ugly Poem
33: The Kindness of Entropy


4 responses to “Unmentionables (The Series)

  1. I appreciated everything about this series of poems, perhaps especially ones that I found difficult to read. Love your work and love you!

    • Thank you, Meredith. It was a rough ride, and I haven’t slept well in a while. I’m hoping I can start to sleep now that this is over. I think it was harder that my dad died while I was planning the series, and I was trying to process that, too.

  2. I enjoyed reading your work again this year. They were difficult to read and difficult to comment on at times. I could feel your sense of turmoil as I read your work. Hope sleep comes soon. May peace attend thy dreams.

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