Daily Archives: April 7, 2016

Our Lady of Cookies

I made you cookies. I feel bad
that you feel bad, and I wanted
to help, even if just a bit.

I’m sorry, but they are gluten
free. That’s because gluten makes me
sick, not you, but I swear, they taste

yummy anyway. I promise!
Everyone says these are their faves!
You said you like oatmeal cookies

best, so that’s what I did. I used
honey to sweeten them because
it’s supposed to be healthier

than sugar, you know. And I put
cherries and cinnamon in since
they are good at fighting cancer.

I hope it’s true. And extra eggs
for more protein, more than oatmeal.
Didn’t the doctor say you need

to eat more? You’ve always been thin
anyway. Oh, and chocolate chips!
But not milk chocolate chips, no, sir.

I got you dark chocolate, ’cause
that’s supposed to be healthier!
And so delicious! They smelled so

amazing while they were baking.
Anyway, you just take these home
with you. I hope they are okay.

I hope you feel better. I wish
I could bake a magic cookie
that would make everything better.