Daily Archives: April 12, 2016

Our Lady of Lagniappe

The little bit of seed
a bird leaves on the ground
when it flies off away.

Turquoise too bright to fade
transmutes to midnight blue,
and stars outline dark wings.

Be like a bird — fly, fly,
fly through the shady gate,
skim the rushing river.

Remember now? Our purpose
here is to be complete.
You are complete, transformed.

Now you walk in beauty.
You walk on the lake shore
as in old memories.

One more time to pick up
beach glass and curtain rings.
One more time to promise.

One more time to pray.
We sway with the music.
We throw stones in the waves.

That little bit extra,
the encore at the end,
the after-dinner mint.

The lagniappe of a life?
I can’t see blue tree lights
without thinking of you.