Daily Archives: April 14, 2016

Our Lady of Sunsets

Scrape the blaze of glory off your eyelids.
There are other treasures, not quite as bright

but carrying less of sorrow. The sky
need not burn like molten glass and copper

to be lovely. The same sunset changes
just when you step from room to room, window

to door. One view is laced with feathered trees,
the other so bare it arches and aches.

Stand in the same window each day and watch
different clouds (clear, speckled, rippled, streaked)

in different colors (lilac, teal, gray).
Just once, watch the sunset without your eyes.

Soil shifts its scent from sweet to smoke. Somewhere
children no longer run & shriek, but sleep;

somewhere larger creatures still as smaller
begin to buzz. Even with eyes closed feel

the slow shift of skin from warm to cool, hands,
fingers, a breeze — sensations that linger.