Our Lady of Prisms

Stand in the blue light, and shiver. Vibrate. Listen.
Do you hear the light singing to itself? Singing
to its neighbors, and tuning in/out/all about.
Intentional dissonance is a harmony,
easier to understand with color than sound.
Stand in the red light, and stretch, long and lazily.
It is a different kind of energy. Molten.
Sultry. A slow kind of hurting healing. Fevers
that retune the body, reset to the default
settings, the most recent update. I love all this.
Colors sliced apart into blazing beams of hue.
They don’t know where one ends and the next one begins.
Mornings bright with possibilities, ideas
separate, fracture into slices of meaning.
Each one is true, each one is truth, each one is false
without the others. Color touches color. Blend.


2 responses to “Our Lady of Prisms

  1. I must confess I love the magic of prisms too and I like your use of morning time as a prism to the new day. I love waking up and seeing the sun in a blue sky any time of the year – fills me with energy and makes me believe things may go well.

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