Daily Archives: April 17, 2016

Our Lady of Praying

Little one, sit here. Yes, we’re going to pray.
No, you don’t need to kneel. Sit on my lap.

Take a breath. Take another. Count each one.
Then stop counting. Keep breathing. Start again.

Words? Oh, yes, you can pray with words. Do you
have something special in mind? Ah, lovely!

Are those your own words? Your mama taught you?
Yes, they are very nice prayers. I use them

sometimes. You may pray with them if you want,
but you don’t need to always pray the same.

If you listen, words might come, or no words.
Let’s try again. First, wiggle! Good. Then stop.

Breathe. Listen. Breathe. Listen. What do you hear?
Breathing? Wonderful! What else? Your heartbeat?

Exciting! And now you’re tired of praying?
Time for playing? Well done, dear one, well done.