Our Lady of Sweetness

It’s raining glitter.
We shiver and scratch.
The bouncing drops
sketch an umbrella
in lines of the air.
There, a tender young
one in a moment
of misery, tears
of Turkish coffee
and sweet cream. It’s fine,
it’s fine, it will be
fine. Yes? Dreams flow with
the current, scrape by
the outer edges
and pile up against
the dam, press, wriggling
eager as tadpoles,
squirming through moments
of the day. “My turn!”
they say. Some make it.
Some don’t. The darkness
fills with the music
of grown frogs peeping
and crickets chirping.


2 responses to “Our Lady of Sweetness

  1. You certainly caught the feeling of being out in a spring rain. I like the tadpole imagery the thought of them escaping is nice.

    • This one was interesting to write. I jotted various notes with the intention of different concepts, then realized they went together and the pieces fit, but telling a story I hadn’t imagined!

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