Daily Archives: April 24, 2016

Our Lady of 6/8 Time

Shall we? Shall we gather
for whiskey and cigars tonight?
Shall we dance? Shall we weep?
I try to let go of the shame,
but it sticks to my hands.
You apologized to me. Why?
Why on earth? It’s past time
for forgiveness, now forgetting
is the “in-thing,” “the fad,”
“all the craze.” Come on, now, let’s dance
just one more time. Forget
that you never answered my note.
How many times was it
me that forgot to phone, to write,
to mail the damn package
I promised to send months ago.
It’s too late now. Listen,
I changed the song’s time signature
from four-four to six-eight.
The angel’s feet? The crystal tide?
I added a descant
that dances, swings, floats in mid-air.
I wish you could hear it.
Just forget about it, you’d say,
can you hum a few bars?
It’s time for tea, a glass of wine,
a shot of port. No more.
Stand erect, shoulders back, arms curved.
Dancing the Viennese,
a dance made for love, for mischief,
for spinning like the stars,
for weeping like marble statues,
a dance for forgetting
everything but where you are
right this minute. Wind blows.
Petals drift, pink and white, and float.
Sky blue and yellow yolk,
the robin’s egg lies in fragments.
There are no trees near by,
and no one knows from where it fell.