Alternative facts.

“Show Nothing to your Friend that may affright him.” G. Washington

Butter and margarine taste exactly the same.
Butter and margarine taste nothing alike.

Am I your friend? Than don’t insult me.
I know what I know. You know something else.

Who is to say we are not both right? Context
matters. Experience changes interpretation.

These educational disagreements are savory,
spicy and sweet and tart all at once.

Pass me the sources you like best. Yes, those.
I haven’t used them before. Let’s see how

they leaven the conversation, yeastily.
Ah, pepper with laughter, salt with tears.

I can cup opinions in my hands like water,
like rice, beans, grain. When I pour them

through a funnel, the chiming sound shimmers
like a fountain. Isn’t this what you

would rather hear? Scattered on soil, they grow
and take on a life of their own, vigorous

as weeds, bitter as greens, each new leaf
as mythical as any four-letter fact.


4 responses to “Alternative facts.

  1. Friends always walking on egg shells trying not to offend – but respecting each other none the less

  2. With you never too many egg shells

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