Daily Archives: April 7, 2017

Declining trust.

“Sleep not when others Speak, Sit not when others stand, Speak not when you Should hold your Peace, walk not on when others Stop.” G. Washington

It begins with a whisper of wildness.

A hint of the exotic.

A fox nuzzles an Irish setter, then

a fire panda cuddles the fox.

It is as if they are almost tame.

At least we can pretend so.

Gradually, things become more strange,

more clearly flaky, or

fragmented. Frogs rewrite the Kama Sutra,

tucking their legs firmly together.

Bears gather together like wolves.

An ape is driving a hot rod,

but hasn’t figured out how to park yet.

It’s rather attractive, flashy,

don’t you think? But still somehow unsettling.

The deer are feeling frustrated;

they don’t want to tell you how badly they failed,

how the first coney they came across

frightened them, and they fled, in full force.

You’ll never find out from them —

it’s the gulls that carry that tall tale

whittled into a vanishing focus,

and it’s the grasshoppers that whisper, “Fraud, flawed;

flawed, fraud” over and over again

until a few final faithless fish make it clear

that facts are fanciful, ‘fixed,’

like fixing a dog makes it somehow something

not entirely animal.

Follow the fight, but give up on your bets.

This is a human-only club,

and they’d never let the likes of us win,

no matter how useful we might be.

When the wild things run, run with them,

if they will let you.