This is not a poem

This is not a poem.

I want to write poems
for you, but I am

broken in body,
overwhelmed in mind,
and in pain, in pain,

in pain that distracts,
jerks my attention
like plucking at strings
of a small pain harp,

little gasps and cries,
each one shattering
the thought before it.

It is hard to write
on anything else,
so I bite my tongue
and wait. I want to

write a poem for you.
I do. A love poem,
a fear poem, a note?

Just wait. I promise,
I will keep trying,

I will. I promise.


4 responses to “This is not a poem

  1. I love your work – the peom will flow from you when you least expect it.

    • I’ve just been sick and injured for so long, I’m so exhausted. Having a lot of trouble writing the NaPoWriMo poems this year. Trying to catch up, but so far behind with everything.

  2. Do not force it – take care of yourself for a change and get some rest

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