Daily Archives: April 20, 2017


“Keep your Nails clean and Short, also your Hands and Teeth Clean yet without Showing any great Concern for them.” G. Washington

It’s the little things that slay us.
No big deal. Just a little thing.

Each piece works alone, but not when
you put them together. It works

when you’re looking, but not when you
turn away. The word “and” where “or”

belongs. Just little things. A dash
instead of a slash. A small moan

of pain instead of screaming out.
A new bruise instead of a bump.

It keeps happening, over and
over. Figure it out. It’s not

my imagination, it’s yours.
It’s nothing to worry about.

It’s all going to be fine. You’re safe.
Just relax. This won’t hurt a bit.