Daily Archives: April 13, 2019

It Begins Like This

A hum, a buzz, a bee spinning invisibly
right between my eyebrows, like a thumb-sized whirlwind.
It’s distracting. It shifts side to side dizzily
as if it wants me to pay attention, begin
to focus, but when I try the thing keeps moving,
this thing I can’t see, but feel right there, by my face.
It shifts to to my mind’s eye, pauses, almost soothing,
then jolts to my crown and jangles, vaguely misplaced
and surreal. It’s growing now, taking up more space,
curling in on itself, muting whatever’s near.
It’s going to be beautiful, I think, maybe lace
and fire, maybe slow unfurling, maybe a queer
dissolution of sensation and fear, the light
spidering from pain into something growing bright.