Daily Archives: April 15, 2019

-.. — – (Dots)

The shower shoots out Morse Code, rapid-fire dashes
(dash-dot-dot gap dash-dash-dash gap dash) in gray lines
sloppily staccato in midair. My eyes trance
watching them, wondering what secret messages
they carry that I will never know how to read.
Closing my eyes, the codes tap against my dermis,
vibrating with heat like sunlight, telling me: Here
is the shape of the thing that is you. Here are limbs
and rims, edges and fringes, points and portals. Know
your limits. I almost laugh, stretching, and then sag
into gravity (which breaks bones and makes them strong);
let my body fold itself down, the same structure
under the skin as when I stood, but reshaping
myself, morphing unplanned, according to design.