Daily Archives: April 18, 2019

The Beauty of Broken Things Repaired

An ice chip melts and slides over the back curve of my tongue.
Nothing to it, just an easy invisible sweetness
that is the sweetness of clean water and cool air, unsung
and unflavored, perfect in its plain ordinariness.
Other ordinary things: Dandelion petals squeezed tight
into hexagonal tubes before they unfurl. The gasp
and occasional wheezing sigh in our half bath at night
from the toilet with the leaky fill valve. The roughened rasp
of the waking-up, too-early-morning, no-coffee voice
that eases and smoothes out even a few minutes later.
My favorite slotted egg turner (always the best choice
for flipping the perfect unbroken over-easy egg
because its missing handle gives it the best balance). Weight
of a chipped white stoneware plate loaded with breakfast. Inhale.