Daily Archives: April 21, 2019

On the Resurrection of the Body

Is this the body in which I want to live forever?
Which iteration of this body? Maiden, mother, crone?
Today is the day when father and son change place, sever
the ties that bind them, and then, from atoms of loss and lone,
hone something different as a connection, full of charges
electric and eternal, maybe. Is this the body
in which they want to live forever? Healthy or sick, large
or small? There must have been a mistake. May have been, shoddy
details, someone to shame. But there is no one we can blame.
Winds whipped the flames higher, sucked oxygen out of the air,
out of the flesh. It wasn’t graceful, gentle, at all tame.
It was a dramatic, terrifying, memory to bear.
Is that the body in which I want anyone I love
to live forever? Let us change, and change, to live above.