Daily Archives: April 1, 2020

Shekhinah, Solitary

In silence, she becomes wordless,
murmurs with meaning and without
definitions. She calls forth sounds,
and a minyan emerges from
what moves with her: The dust floating
in sunlight. Echo of her pulse.
Blur of a world that moves so fast,
her senses miss it going by.
Shining, the skin, polished and flushed,
pink. Eyes that itch, or ache, or leak.
Hands of the heart play against drums
inside her ear, invisible
taiko only she can hear: boom
when she stands, a hissing of rain
when she sleeps, then the crackling fire.
There is an ache in the bones. Hers
or the house? It doesn’t matter.
Both. The plumbing circles, gurgles,
collapses. The darkness is drenched.
The moon joins her minyan, grey
or bright, turned towards, turned away.