Shekhinah Lights the Candles with Lightning

She’s electric, neon,
zapalicious, so bright

she covers her own eyes
with her hands. Shimmering

glimmers between fingers,
even breathing tingles

her tongue with the taste of
ozone. She is so hot

she’s frozen, icicle
sharp, a blade of light

cut clean, folded over
and ridged with crystals,

microscopic and curved.
She swerves into the day,

the new day, with a breath
between her and thunder,

between her and thunder
is a breath that says rest

is coming, the slow rain
is come, and says, just stay,

just wait inside. Just hide.
She’s neon, electric,

incandescent, so bright
you should cover your eyes.

2 responses to “Shekhinah Lights the Candles with Lightning

  1. Love the image of someone lighting candles by spitting lightening. I like that rain seems to follow lightening.

  2. It was a rather fun poem to write. I had a little more energy, and I think that shows in what was written.

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