Daily Archives: April 15, 2021


Step into and out of the crypt,
the coffin, the hospital bed.
Crawl into the tight cocoon,

swaddling yourself, and you may
or may not later wiggle back
out. You don’t get to choose. You still

find yourself cocooned. No matter
where or how you turn, it becomes
your vulnerable safe space. Crawl

into the back of the closet,
behind the clothes, in the secret
dark wedge under the stairs. Listen

in silence to what surrounds you
that is not at all silent. Wait.
Wait for the moment when there is

no greater safety in being
hidden than in being seen. This
is the time. Step out. Shout. Scatter

pomegranate seeds on the ground,
in the grass, and clutch them too tight
in your hand. Walk on them. Let red

stain your feet dark. Taste them, and eat
bitterness and sand. There is no
undoing this, but you can still

walk into waters that are clean,
float in dark or in light. Either
will do. This is our best. Step in.