Daily Archives: April 18, 2021


A gray-green and glittering haze
appears to hover under dawn
and over ground, mesmerizing.
I could stare at it for hours, if

it would just stop moving. Is it?
Or is it me, trembling? Zoom in.
Grass as yet uncut, unblunted,
shimmers with a single droplet

of water at the pointed tip
of each new leaf. In the background
a fury of fireflies appears
to explode, shivering delight.

Zoom in. The space between each blade
is dark and growing darker, pearled
globes balancing, each so distant
from another, but connected

by thick and thin lines as if some
kabbalistic diagram warped
interdimensionally, knots,
twisting, continuing to twist.

COMMENT: I was doing so well with keeping up with NaPoWriMo, and then Friday I had a doctor’s appointment, and came back flattened. Evidently, while my body recovered, my brain just couldn’t quite pull any poems together, because I missed the whole weekend. I will try to do a couple extra to catch up, but historically, this hasn’t worked out.