Daily Archives: April 20, 2021


Snow creeps across the country,
my friends texting and tweeting
from Colorado, Kansas,
Missouri and Michigan,
Ohio and Arkansas.
Kerrie observes, “It’s snowing
everywhere except Texas!”
Yesterday Cathy texted,
“I think we’re done with winter.”
Today snow settles like guilt
on the throats of daffodils,
the weight of whiteness pressing
them down to dirt, the dark earth
itself already covered
with white. Their colored petals
shrink from the cold, deepening
from yellow to gold, from gold
to rust. Their broken brilliance
blisters, shrouded in silence.
Thicker skinned, the magnolias
hold the snow as if spooning
it, cupped and cradled gently
in pink and white of open
blooms, before they set themselves
free, to fall downward, landing
like invisible bruises.