Don’t touch your eye. Don’t rub.
Don’t let your eyelashes touch
each other / your hand / their cheek.
Don’t get cheeky with me. Don’t speak.
Don’t sleep. Don’t open that mouth.
Don’t close that mouth. Don’t drool.
Don’t spool up all those bad feelings
and spin them into yarn. Don’t knit.
Don’t spit into the wind.
Don’t spit and rub. Don’t spit
and wipe. Don’t spit and swear.
Don’t shake hands. Don’t make
promises / a sound / excuses.
Don’t touch your bruises.
Don’t blame me. Don’t hate me.
Don’t exaggerate. Don’t say
that hurts. Don’t say what you said.
Don’t repeat yourself / me / history.
Don’t mention it. Just don’t.

2 responses to “Echoing

  1. That is certainly a long list of parenting statements. I suspect we all play them over and over in our heads.

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