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How it begins.

“Every Action done in Company, ought to be with Some Sign of Respect, to those that are Present.” G. Washington.

There was a great plaza, speckled with a small crowd. There was a long aisle, flanked by seated strangers. There was a man in a suit. There was a woman wearing white rags. Were there flowers? There must have been. There was a Bible, or two, or a church perhaps. There were witnesses, or there were none. There was a fist held high. There were fires, large and small. A candle. A crying out. There were promises made, promises made, promises made, and a heart as clear as a bell heard the hollow echo.

He wiped away tears.
This was just what he’d wished for.
She braced herself, stiff.

South American Gothic

heart full of dark sweet,
haloed with dark bitter (no
cream), skim the white face.

Inpired by this momentile from tinydancer


In the dim darkness
sweet scent of fresh cut pine says,
“Careful – broken glass.”


Momentile by tinydancer, caption by pfanderson

mariposa, spread
your lashes, lips, your fine tongue
embrace the long line

hollowed with heat, memories,
opening to erasure

* * *

Inspired by this momentile


stems, buds, petals all
blown sideways but still clinging
no sakura these

Crabapple Blossoms

Late Night Haiku

flute trills, feet tap, drums …
son bounces, singing, “Dreams, dreams”.
my eyes beg to sleep.