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Opening of Artichokes (Temple of Flowers)

Pic of the day - Opening of Artichokes

“Avert!” whisper the lavender ripples,
“Leave me be. There is a muteness

in my mouth, my mind; a tightness
in my many limbs. I have no interest
in you, nor you in me. Let me be.”

But eventually something loosens.

Is it a coming of age? A kind
of wisdom? Or is it nothing more

than that loose-limbed fatigue
which recognizes death, while not yet
here, is approaching, and somehow

there is a hunger that is part of it.

The End of Peonies (Temple of Flowers)

Pic of the day - The End of Peonies

The edges of color have leaked out
Except near the still vibrant heart

Full of little flames, creeping inward.
The once supple skin is now dry

But remembers the tight texture
From when it was silken, the touch

Of intimate ants in exploration.
Oh, that outside arch awaits

The coming rain, when moist once more,
It will cascade pink petals one last time.

Remembering Montebello

MonteBello: Wreath of Crystallized Heat

Mariachi pours
into sun & sizzling gold
onions & egg yolks.