Notes on the Work of William Morris

binding the blinding the flesh
etched into lace with lines
like stone the bone the skull
the bird beak hooked
like the nose the lips
silent and closed the spear
that will never inflict
injuries the face tattooed
with wounds the eyes
of awe empty and upturned
hollows of blind eyes
perceive the numinous
as backlit ears hear
translations of sensation
the beard of bone the tongue
of bone desiring the wig
of beads rattling with
every move with desire
absence becomes a throbbing
in retinal depths
the shells that open
writhe close the shield
behind the skin that is
the sternum grown
enormous the spear
before it does not defend
but pulses with purity
and absence of desire defines
that lifeforce based in breeding
and seeding that transmutes
as it achieves height
out of sight and light
filled still flesh

– PF Anderson, 2003, in response to the exhibit of his glass art at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA


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