For this research plan, what is ethical,
what is legal? Do we have a plan? Is
our plan efficient, reproducible?
Which under-resourced community should

we study this time? Black, Asian, Native,
LGBT, disabled? Something else?
How are we defining professional
communication? Please review my book /

attend my workshop / read my article /
come to my dissertation defense / share
my blogpost. Please buy my new artistic
reinterpretation of the Tarot /

Rosary / Zodiac / Kabbalah / Wheel
of Life. When I make pancakes the first one
is ugly, so ugly. Is there a way
to fix that? Is the pan hot enough? Is

your life hot enough? Do you have fever?
Is your skin cold? What is your temperature?
What is the standard baseline temperature?
Is there a consensus? You know what I’m

really sick of? Is “ain’t” good grammar? Is
it, really? In which dialect? What words
mean power, what words mean stigma? Are there
comics telling stories of depression

and anxiety? Which is best? Who is
best? Can you find the disability
in this picture? If there is no wheelchair,
can you still see the disability?

Have you seen the dancers who talk while they
dance, no, who talk with their hands, oh, so loud,
in unison, dancing deaf Greek chorus?
How goes the war? Did they clear the streets

of the dead? How many did they silence?
What are the words that stab, cut, slice, fillet?
What are the words soft as the edge of feathers
of steel, layers shimmering with intent,

each downy barb sharp as urban legends
of piano wires, each miniscule barbule
edged as a minute fractal katana?
My blood crawls with parasites I feel move

within me, my eyes, skin; can you find me
a doctor? Are there words kind as holding
the hand of a person who weeps without
restraint? Where do you draw the line between

survival and living? How can I help?
Are you alright? Can you walk? What do you
remember? Are you awake? Are you woke?
Shhh, shhh, it’s okay. Can you blink your eyes?

4 responses to “Questions

  1. So many things – this is academic life during the pandemic. So many junior colleagues feeling extreme pressure of lost months. The world devolving into chaos – every where

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